A Sky of Purple Elephants

It’s 2:30 am. Smoke is hanging thick in the air, frozen in time , refusing to flow out of the open window. She is sprawled on the floor amid the pizza boxes looking up on a purple tapestry. The fabric is twitching in the draft, forcing elephants to sway back & forward, back & forward.



A girl with green hair is across the room curled with laughter, a phone is buzzing


on the table but no one makes a move to reach it. The joke is long forgotten but this moment of euphoria goes on, continues, will never end.

It is difficult to find joy like this in a world so clogged with technology. When their phones glow the world fades away.  But this moment is one of those that should encompass a lifetime.

Music blaring from the stereo, barely covering laughter. She is just there. Just being, just feeling and just laughing, staring up at a sky of purple elephants



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