Living or Lost

It is easier to loose yourself in the dark, easier to let go of the parts your life that are too clear in the light.

That, she thinks, is why people go clubbing at night.

When she was young she was afraid of the dark but now she enjoys the feeling of being lost. She has turned off her phone even though she has lost the friends she came out with.


Now she is stood with a dark eyed boy.

Strangers like darkness help you to get lost. Perhaps it is the lack of expectation for what kind of person she is, perhaps it is the lack of future. She knows they will share only this moment, strangers, lips pressed together before she is found by a friend. Dragged back to her group, out of her moment of impulsiveness and back to the expectation of her.

We are always told to live in the moment, but it is hard to find a day where every breath makes you feel alive when you feel you have to behave a certain way.  Maybe this is why She doesn’t want to live in the moment.

She wants to get lost in it.


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