Water and Sand

It is cold. Water laps at her ankles splashing the bottoms of her jeans as she skips among the waves.

There is something powerful about where sand meets water, the feeling of being stood where the earth meets its end, and the depth of the ocean crawls deeper.

The water reflects black against the sky. It gives her the feeling of bp12eing stood at the edge of the universe. On the edge of a blank that can become anything she desires. On nights such as this it seems time is paused for everything, leaving only the waves and her group on the beach to roam.

She is dancing in the water with a loud girl and a friend that reminds her of a hedgehog. They are dusted in water and sand but their lp56aughter keeps them warm as they stand in the sea, faces against the wind, shouting.  They have called to a girl with green hair to come join them. To feel this moment of suspension in time. The sea spread before them like a
canvas of the future.   img_20170106_0001


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