99p Cactus

There are 5 cacti sat on her windowsill.

Two she bought from a garden center. One she stole from a house party. One she was given by a loud girl, who took it from a restaurant. And a new one.  She was given it by a stranger out of the blue.

An act that reminded her of gratitude; to be grateful in life instead of negative.

She is a person prone to self pity. To replaying moments she regrets and things that went wrong over and over in her head.  But today, now, she is content.

Contentment is a hard feeling to find in life. It hangs in time just beyond to do lists and busy days, behind the moments of pure euphoria. It is a feeling often just out of reach, waiting for people to live in the now, to let go just a little. To feel grateful for what they have.

Sometimes it is something unexpected that can break a destructive cycle of thoughts. That can help a person feel content. Like an actIMG_20170130_0011 of kindness from a stranger who saw a girl crying in a shop and 99p cactus.



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