Right now the mixture pumping through her veins must be 20% Lemonade 70% Vodka and 10% Blood.



Surprise, she’s drunk again.

Feeling sad? A shot of vodka will numb the pain just long enough for you to party, pass out and then wake up again, somewhere that isn’t likely to be your own bed.

Repeat the process to stave off the shame of the night before.

To her drinking shots is like putting her body in auto pilot mode.

She doesn’t feel the pressure of anything with a drink in her hand. She can just dance. Words flow more smoothly out of her mouth without her brain policing every thought.



Everyone seems to feel more deeply, to smile with more brightness, to laugh from the center of their being.

Everyone has a balance of  how much alcohol  can push away the bad thoughts, let their heads rest for just a while. When everyone can live in the moment and turn down the hissing of their life just for a couple hours.

Too little and you’ll feel awkward.



Too much is inevitable.

When the mood is good, it great. But when the mood gets somber or the people get sober the facade starts to crumble.

Take another shot.

Feeling numb?

Sleep it off and find the next party.


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