Her goldfish died this morning. She buried him deep in the garden beneath a pot of flowers.

In Tv shows they always flush dead fish down the toilet, do people do that in real life?   A water burial for a water creature.

Goldfish where given the short straw. Kept in glass tanks then put to rest in the toilet bowl!

How much does a fish see from its aquarium? Does it feel trapped, not able to reach beyond the glass walls?

She sometimes feels trapped. The touch screen of her phone is her glass tank, scrolling through wanderlust inspiration on Instagram or reading articles about people who did

something with their life.

Everyone must have those feelings of just wanting to leave is all, to start again, somewhere fresh, exciting. To do more then they are doing now.

Her life feels mundane, like swimming laps around a the same square space day after day. She wants to crack the glass and leave it all behind. But when the water that is her current life drains away will she be able to breathe.

She knows how to survive her life now,  to start again  she’ll need to grow new lungs.

glass fish

R.I.P: Rest in peace Terrence

L.I.P: Live in peace Everyone


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